Senate Bill 116

Dear Senators,
This is in regards to SB116 “An ACT relating to firearms; establishing a minimum age of twenty-one to purchase or possess an automatic firearm, semi automatic firearm or firearm capable of accepting a large-capacity feeding device; providing exceptions; providing a penalty.
First off, it is already against the law to possess an Automatic Firearm in N.M. In thinking of this bill, I do hope our legislators considered that there was an effort to decrease the voting age to 16. It is a responsible adult that needs to be voting and we have determined that age to be 18. Should we determine now that the age to buy firearms is 21 or three years longer than we have determined that an 18 year old is a responsible adult? I don’t think so.I strongly urge you to vote “NAY” on this bill. I do agree that firearms courses are necessary and young adults and kids should be taught the responsibility of firearms ownership and the proper handling of such a weapon but the denial of the purchase of a weapon until one is 21 should not be of considered. Please Vote “Nay” on this Bill.
Thank you for the hard work you are doing.
Michael PottsDona Ana County


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