Social Justice in Education??

President Jaramillo,

I am highly confused by the title “Equity, Innovation & Social Justice” as found on the School Board agenda. I participated in Professor Herman Garcia’s doctoral thesis prep class on “Social Justice in Education” at NMSU and clearly the consensus was that the phrase “Social Justice” is an oxymoron. 

Justice, as described by the social norms of our country, mean unbiased, non-prejudicial treatment. Social Justice is exactly the opposite as it requires biased, prejudiced treatment making it unjust.
As far as the Las Cruces Public School Board making the #1 goal to be student success I will use this cartoon to illustrate Equity, Innovation & Social Justice:

Since student success is the #1 goal, then equity means same outcome. Thus through innovation (which I hope includes the student’s input, ie the fish) they can create that outcome to be “Just” for all. This representative cartoon illustrates that the only way to achieve such an outcome is to cut down the tree. Thus, the innovation was an axe or a chainsaw (which are not allowed on school grounds) run by the student that dropped out because for him/her school was stupid. Now everyone gets an A except for the kid that leveled the playing field.
If you or anyone else running this show can offer a better explanation of these terms that are applicably grammatically correct, please do.

Rob Wood

Coalition of Conservatives in Action (CCIA)


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