Spaceport America Cup

Hi All, 

I sent the following to our Mayor, a couple of councilors and one of the LCPS Board members:
Good Morning ……,

I was speaking with Dolores Lucero of the Spaceport Authority yesterday about the upcoming Spaceport America Cup and the need for the City to visibly roll out the welcoming mat to all the entrants in this international event. She feels the Spaceport Authority should do it which is fine but I feel Las Cruces should majorly be involved in light of this opportunity to create local enthusiasm not only around town but it must be in the schools also. Education is about motivation which can be external and internal. I hope you have attended the previous events open house of all the participants and their projects. Just walking into the room envelopes one with profound sense of enthusiasm that one immediately wishes they could can and release in every school and home.

It always astounds me as to the level of boredom in these exciting times. We ask our children what they did in school each day and the common reply is “Nothing”. Well what if those parents saw banners across our main thoroughfares and on light poles welcoming these thousands of students and their desire to compete in this rapidly advancing technology? If that adult exposure is brought home and is also promoted in schools when the adult mentions it the child will of course respond that they learned about it in school and maybe, just maybe, the child and parent might attend the open house and meet the contestants who are more than excited to tell everything about their project to anyone who will listen.

A banner on the runway side of our airport terminal is essential because space people fly in. A few years back the Egyptian team flew in, in a C-130.

Please do not miss this opportunity to better Las Cruces so that this much needed enthusiasm to the betterment of all is felt and retained.

Rob Wood
Former Airport Advisory Board Chair


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