Speech to LCPS Board

Board president, board members and superintendent- Greetings

First of all thanks to Mr Wofford for voting against the extended calendar. 

1.  ..3/22/2022ABJ- .. NM moves to focus on race, ethnicity in K-12 classrooms. As in Washington and New York, the standards require students to identify and articulate their cultural identity starting in elementary school.  This is such a great objective when kids may not even know how to write their names???

State education officials are also under pressure to make the K-12 school system more relevant to the 11% of students who are Native American,…… A court ruled in 2018 that the state isn’t meeting the educational needs of Indigenous kids. 

So to meet the educational needs of Indigenous kids, we impose on the remaining 89% of kids who may NOT be interested in learning about their cultural identity. And to improve the education of the 11% we are moving to teach them about race, identity, Social emotional learning (SEL). WOW

2.   We get hammered with (New Mexico being) 50th in the nation,” Jaramillo said. “But when we try to do something different, we don’t want to do it. If this board is the one that takes the heat, let’s take the heat; that’s what we got elected. I totally agree. .

 So how is the school board going to know if this calendar will help without metrics to measure success or failure?  If you have those milestones/benchmarks, please share so we, as parents or citizens, can help you hold the school administration accountable for their failure or success.  Will we see a Decrease in truancy? Increase in math competency?….Higher graduation rates without inflated scores ??

3.  ‘Im a student who attends Centennial High School, …I truly believe adding more days with shortened summers isn’t going to help or make students attend. A lot of students don’t attend school because they don’t  like it and have no motivation for it. A great number of students don’t attend school, not only because they don’t care, but also because their parents don’t care. For most parents and children, school is viewed as a daycare and not a learning environment.(Does the extended calendar sound like a surrogate daycare??)  


4.  IF LCPS would focus on academic excellence that will benefit our kids to enter the workforce, instead of feel good identity, racial and SEL politics, kids might be motivated to attend school.


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