STEM and las cruces

Good Afternoon Mr Mayor,

With Las Cruces touting itself as the most welcoming city I was astounded that the City did nothing to connect the community with all the aspiring rocket teams who spent a week here exhibiting their creations to the public for free and then competing in the Spaceport America Challenge. Who are we welcoming to? The 100 teams came from as far as India and Brazil and from our own Universities across the nation. What an amazing opportunity to inspire parents and children through actually meeting and speaking with these aspiring engineers. The open house at the Convention Center is so charged with enthusiasm it is impossible to describe unless one had been there. I have written to you about this lack of welcoming for the past times it has been held. I mean, we should have welcome banners all across town not just for the visitors but for the community so they can have the opportunity to interact. On the same note with STEM being such an important topic in the world of preparing children where was the City in recognizing Thursdays flight of Virgin Galactics rocket at the Spaceport. Once again, welcoming? I went over to The Encanto Wednesday evening and extended my hand to the contingency of Italian scientist that were to be on that monumental flight and went up and watched the entire event from outside the fence. Where was Las Cruces? You may wonder why the citizens are outraged by the unhoused population? Possibly could it be because we welcome itinerants and vagrants because they attract federal relief dollars more than life enriching positive advancements like the rocket challenge and Virgin Galactics accomplishment do? How much city revenue did those two add to the city coffers during their stay in Las Cruces so it can be spent in supporting the totally downtrodden. All that I can think is, “Thanks suckers, come back anytime”. Rob Wood Former Board Chairman Las Cruces Airport Advisory Board 575-635-0803


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