Stop Chasing the Tail

Stop Chasing the Tail
We keep chasing after and trying to eliminate teaching that, as I see it, should be forced to be taught but it must include accurate historic records of the time. This is where the rub is. Force the 1619 project to be taught so, as is shown in this commentary segment, it would reveal the factual truths so we stop doing this dance around. If you want to beat the enemy one must attack on their ground. Throwing nerf rocks from a distance will never work.
This brings to mind the fight against CRT and other such social engineering frames of education. Force it to happen but be sure it includes the cultural beliefs of the numerous Muslims and many Native cultures in our schools that abhor abortion, same sex marriage and homosexuality rooted deep within those cultures. It seems that the new agenda they want in our schools is to degrade the traditional beliefs of many cultures in order to justify the desires of the few that actually have no culture and are attempting to create a tribal culture of their own. That is a perfect example of selective racism.
Rob Wood America Is Intentionally Being Destroyed by Organized Divisiveness By: Paul Craig RobertsThe Unz ReviewJuly 25, 2022 If the trailer for The Woman King is an indication, we are about to be treated to a fantasy movie release in September in which black female warriors save Africa from being enslaved by the French. The filmmakers do not realize the irony of the setting, which is Dahomey, a black kingdom that conducted slave wars against other blacks and was the font of the slave trade. Almost every black slave brought to the Caribbean and to the English colonies in North America was a person sold into slavery by the black king of Dahomey. The female warriors in the movie declare that freedom is worth fighting for, but in fact, Dahomey fought to make money by enslaving black Africans. Today Dahomey is known as Benin. On the beach at Ouidah there is a contemporary monument, the Gate of no Return, commemorating the lives of the Africans captured by the black Kingdom of Dahomey and sold to Arabs and Europeans as slaves or traded for firearms.


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