Street Names

There must be a way to do a search based on the abridged dictionary of derogatory terms and compare it to all the street names in Las Cruces. Like in todays world having a name that is obviously feminine or masculine would be on the hit list along with specific native American names that pit one tribes recognition over another like Cherokee Dr and Comanche Circle or Apache Drive, Apache Trail and Apache Court. All of a sudden this opens up a whole can of worms with people demanding a name change of their street just because they don’t like it. Their reasoning would be not relevant in this counter culture movement. On the Native American names many tribes slaughtered and enslaved members of other tribes. Maybe a tactic to use would be to assemble a complete list of street names that are in some way derogatory to any one group over another and present it as a request for change to the Council. We keep fighting skirmishes when the tactic should be to overwhelm the enemy with their own weapons. There is no way that this could backfire, just draw greater public attention to the absurdity of this Council. I will begin on this list but will need help and I am more than willing to stand in front of Council to read it. If it takes more than 3 minutes another person can step in and continue it (which is another tactic we should be using). Rob Wood


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