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Good morning Mr. Mayor,
My name is Randy Pickering. I was in attendance at the 5/15/23 council meeting. You and the council had the courtesy for my wife and I to voice our concerns about crime rates in Las Cruces a few weeks ago.
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your comments about our police officers being assaulted and the associated brazen mindset that this conveys about the criminal element.
In short I want you know I feel heard and based on your comments I believe you are doing everything you can to help the community stay safe.
I can only pray that the remainder of the council will begin to make such affirming statements and maintain similar efforts we are currently seeing to keep the criminal element in check. I don’t mean to imply the council is not on the same page. Thats the point, I don’t know where they stand.
I believe that criminals are influenced by the sentiment of the city leadership. Is there a tough or lax stance on the tolerance of crime? I think if we can make affirmations in public forums it might serve as a deterrant for the criminal element.This could lead to fewer opportunities to require police encounters in the first place. Maybe those that engage in these behaviors will either move on or change their behavior.
Thank you again and please feel free to share any portions with the council you would like too.
Sincerely,Randy Pickering


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