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By now you should know your local representative.  If you don’t, we can help…..
Engage your local and state representatives    and let them know complying with lawful commands from law enforcement is a requirement by citizens.  Create your letter or use mine…..
Criminals are not being held accountable for the cause of their often tragic ending and instead the blame is unjustly placed on the cops…..


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Mayor and Councilor
The quote as reported by local news: “The subject had several opportunities to cooperate with the investigation and comply with the officers, unfortunately, he chose a different path,” Dominguez added.
Followed by:Furthermore, the LCPD chief of police’s warning to the community about not complying with officers is terrifying rhetoric. Barron Jones, senior policy strategist with the ACLU of New Mexico stated. 
Dominguez spoke about the recent violence officers have been met with.  “It’s extremely concerning to us. It’s not only happening locally, it’s nationwide. We’re very concerned for our officers’ safety,” Dominguez said.
I am asking that you and your fellow elected officials use your “bully pulpit” and support the LCPD Chief publicly when he is asking citizens to comply with lawful commands from law enforcement.  
The ACLU is wrong in their comments which empower criminals. It is not “terrifying rhetoric”.   Citizens are expected to follow the law in a civilized society. 
 The rhetoric coming from the anti police elected officials is helping create an atmosphere where criminals feel they can do as they wish with impunity. 
In addition, something needs to change in LC before it transitions into another Albuquerque. The violence is getting worse making our city very unsafe.  Blaming society, poverty and other “victimhood” elements is not a reason to shoot a toddler.  Even Lowe’s is not safe anymore.   


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