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Talks Cheap, We Need Action
I listen to all the weekend warriors and their Rah Rah for change but come Monday they fall silent. Where is the active support for candidates that will go against this insanity? We need bodies soliciting votes. Get out the door and do something outside your comfort zone like knocking on a few doors. Is the word NO really your greatest fear?
Rob Wood
The Beatings Will Continue…By: Judd GarrettObjectivity is the ObjectiveOctober 16, 2022 “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” This quote is often attributed to Captain Bligh of the ill-fated ship, The Bounty, and it means that we are going to continue to punish you until you submit to us and like it.  J.P. Morgan Chase, a leader in the ESG movement, has reportedly severed business ties with rapper Kanye West after he wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt at his Paris fashion show. Since Kanye West is a free-thinker and beholden to no one, openly expressing his Christian beliefs and pro-life positions, and willing to question the woke narratives, they were looking for any way to silence him. If Kanye West was a pro-choice, pro-BLM, anti-Christian Democrat, he would still have an account with JP Morgan Chase. Also, this week Bank of America canceled popular conservative Twitter user Catturd’s podcast account. They gave no reason. This is the woke attacking people who think and say the wrong things and using punishment to compel heretics to think the correct way. The beatings will continue until you espouse the approved left-wing narratives. Not only are the woke using these types of strong-arm tactics to prevent people from speaking their minds, but they’re also using them to compel people’s speech. Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, who spent over 5 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, defending a lawsuit because he refused, on religious grounds, to make a gay couple’s wedding cake, is once again being sued for violating Colorado’s anti-discrimination law for refusing to make a cake celebrating a gender transition. Phillips, a Christian, testified he did not believe someone could change genders and he would not celebrate “somebody who thinks that they can.” So, a bank can choose to not do business with a person because they disapprove of his political beliefs, but a baker must create art promoting political beliefs that go against his firmly held religious beliefs. The beatings will continue until you violate your religious beliefs and espouse far-left-wing ideology in your art. In August, Donald Trump’s home was raided by FBI agents, looking for classified documents, an obvious ruse used to search Trump’s home for any type of wrongdoing that could disqualify him from running for President again. It was a clear abuse of an intelligence agency against a political opponent. Since Trump left office in January 2021, at least six former Trump administration officials have had their homes raided by FBI agents, they all were arrested and are facing prison sentences, for FBI-embellished crimes. The message is loud and clear, the beatings will continue until you stop supporting former President Donald J Trump. Two pro-life pastors, Mark Houck and Paul Vaughn also had their homes raided by FBI agents and were taken away in handcuffs in front of their wives and children – their only crime was singing hymns and praying at abortion clinics. Since the passing of the Dobbs decisions which overturned Roe v Wade, 26 crisis pregnancy centers across the countries have been attacked, vandalized, or firebombed by extreme pro-abortionists, and the FBI has not made one arrest in any of these terrorist attacks. The message is obvious, the beatings will continue until you support killing babies in the womb. Author and journalist, Alex Berenson was banned from Twitter for stating unapproved messages about Covid, all of which turned out to be true. It was revealed this week that Pfizer board member Scott Gottlieb secretly pressed Twitter to suspend Berenson’s account last year. Twitter was doing the bidding of big pharma to promote the worldwide dissemination of vaccines that not only were ineffective, but potentially dangerous to further enrich billionaires. And if you said anything about that, as Berenson did, you would be suspended, canceled, and possibly have your livelihood taken from you. The beatings will continue until you parrot the approved narrative on Covid. The Federal Government launched an investigation into Elon Musk after he announced plans to purchase Twitter and change their misinformation algorithms which would open up the platform to more free speech, especially speech that our current administration disapproves of. The SEC has never investigated Twitter for the tens of millions of bots on their platform which artificially inflate the value of the company and drives up the stock prices. But Twitter got away with it because it actively censors conservative viewpoints. The beatings will continue until you support censoring conservative voices on your platform. This week, Elon Musk offered a potential resolution to the Russian-Ukrainian war that could avoid the United States from being led into a nuclear exchange with Russia. Because a peaceful resolution to the war goes against official Washington’s narrative of regime change in Russia, Musk has been roundly attacked as a Putin stooge, even though he has been vital in the Ukrainian war effort by giving Ukraine free use of his satellite system Starlink. Major media outlets have accused Musk of doing Vladimir Putin’s bidding with his peace resolution. Ukrainian diplomat Andrij Melnyk responded to Musk, “F*** off is my very diplomatic reply to you @elonmusk.” Former government whistleblower and Ukrainian, Alexander Vindman, tweeted: Let’s cancel Elon Musk. The beatings will continue if you don’t support the United States proxy war with Russia which is obliterating our economy and pushing us to the brink of nuclear war. Far-left Democrats in Virginia have proposed legislation that would charge parents with felony child abuse and possibly years in jail if they refuse to “affirm” their child’s gender identity. This week, an upstate New York mother, Chrystal Thomas, was arrested and had her children taken from her because she allowed her 10-year-old son to have a 6-inch tattoo of his name inked onto his inner arm. Meanwhile, New York minors are allowed to receive “gender-affirming medical” services such as hormone therapy and puberty suppression, at New York City hospitals. So, parents are not allowed to have their children get a tattoo that is only skin deep and can be removed but are forced by the government to consent to their children radically altering their endocrinology by taking puberty suppression drugs and cross-sex hormones. In both cases, the parents do not have any rights; they don’t have any say. The beatings will continue until you allow the government to make major life decisions for your child. The woke, which is persistently seizing the levers of power in our country, will continue to punish the non-woke until they embrace wokeism. If you say the wrong thing, believe the wrong thing, or post the wrong thing, you will be canceled from society; your life will be ruined; you will lose your job; you may even be arrested. They are going to bludgeon us into submission to their beliefs and ideology, and then force us to like it. This is the country we are living in right now. It is the exact opposite of the country that our founders first envisioned. All that is happening goes strictly against the spirit of the founding of our country, where people were allowed to voice their opinions, and could change another person’s mind or political beliefs, not by force or coercion, but by using their intellect, reason, and sound arguments. But since the left has neither intellect nor reason nor sound arguments, they must use coercion and force to get people to think the way they want them to think, and they are not going to stop until every last American citizen becomes a brain-dead woke robot.


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