Teaming with NMFA on Health

Dear Health Freedom Advocates,

Below is a recap of this week’s meeting.  Our next meeting will be on Monday October 2 at 5pm PT/6pm MT/7pm CT/8pm ET. Zoom info is at the bottom of this email. There is also a list of meeting dates for the next few months at the bottom of this email.


We had attendees from 6 cities in 4 states (NM, CA, NJ, and ND).

Ill Health

There was discussion of increased illnesses and cancers being observed in friends, family, and co-workers. 

  • There may be a need to share detox information to aid in healing.

Strategies for Successful Coalition Building

There was discussion of strategies that have helped with building coalitions that are effective, as well as in building working relationships with elected officials and individuals. 

Successful strategies included the following:

  • Networking and in-person meetings help to build relationships and establish common ground.
  • Building good relationships with volunteers is key to keeping them engaged. Showing appreciation for the efforts and work of volunteers is a key part of this.
  • Showing appreciation for the work of other leaders and people in the community is also important for coalition building.
  • Protests and rallies, although they often do not result in obvious policy changes, are effective for making connections and finding more people to collaborate with in local communities.
  • Building trust is more important than winning a debate with another person.  Maintaining connection is key to long-term collaboration.
  • The Overton Window concept can be important for making sure that elected officials and individuals are not pushed beyond what they will be willing to accept. This is basically the idea that there is only a certain range of ideas or policies with a person will be willing to accept. If you are pushing for something outside of the Overton Window, the person is unlikely to engage. In this way, steady progress is often more achievable than drastic changes in beliefs or policies.
  • However, in personal relationships especially, growth and change can happen by carefully and intentionally pushing to the edge of the Overton Window.
  • Looking for common ground with people who don’t appear to be on your side is important for finding ways to collaborate.  

Strategies for Long-Term Success

  • Pacing is important to prevent burnout.  We all need to pace ourselves so we can continue our efforts over time. 
  • Finding ways to reconnect with spirit/external guidance/God can be important for keeping up motivation and direction. Some have found church, meditation, and yoga beneficial for this.
  • Focusing on the commitment and belief in what we are doing is another strategy for keeping up motivation.


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