The Abortion Industry is alive and well in NM

Letter I sent these two elected officials after today’s pro abortion rally. I am amazed at how quickly they organized. I had no idea this was planned or happening. Were there any pro-life supporters present ?
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We need to come to terms if we are going to organize, monitor events in social media, at government gatherings, etc…to rapidly respond to situations like this or continue to lag on these and other critical issues.
Thank you

Councilor and Senator
I will give credit to the abortion industry in LC and nationally, in how quickly the protest march was organized to “save this human right”. Took about 12 hours after the leak.

Senator Hamblen- “We are disgusted. We are frustrated. We are heartbroken” . These are the words you utter when you lose a loved one or mourning the millions of slaughtered innocents not when you cant celebrate the ability kill one anymore.
We know the Governor made it a priority to ensure that the NM killing of the most defenseless was well protected. So even if Roe vs Wade is “struck down”, New Mexican women will continue to exercise their ” reproductive rights” and practice their “health care”.

It is difficult for me to understand how many glorify the infanticide going on in this country under the guise of “women’s health” and other misnomers. And NM with

Total Abortions (2020): 4,293 is right up there.

I don’t understand how politicians talk about the need to “care for our children” while at the same time opening the door for this continued human tragedy.
I don’t need a response but wanted to make sure you, as elected officials, know that you are not fooling anyone with those “innocent metaphors”.
So the next time, you “champion human rights” think of the hypocrisy you are showing.
Thank you for your time…..

Juan D Garcia


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