The Battle of Squaw Mountain – Round 2

Engage your City Council….

Ms. Corran,
     I will happily add you to the “Pea’s” Column of my list of individuals that do not seem to understand how to effectively govern.  You, and the rest of the Council seem to have taken on the role of Public Sensor and the six of you do not seem to understand the Government of the United States and how things are supposed to work.  The Mayor has tried MIGHTILY, on several occasions, to school you in your responsibilities to the citizens who elected you but you continually ignore him, much to your detriment.  Allow me to give you a short lesson………AGAIN.  The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic with a representative type of Government.  YOU, as an elected individual get your power from WE THE PEOPLE who put you there.  That does NOT mean that you can arbitrarily decide what you want to do without consultation of your constituents.  YOU are there to REPRESENT what the people want, not make your own decisions.  That is one thing that is so extraordinarily wrong with the United States today.  We have elected REPRESENTATIVES that DO NOT Represent the people that elected them.  I just fail to understand how you could possibly have missed the lessons that should have been taught to you in High School about our Government.  You and the rest of the Council just have NO idea of how to properly govern and THAT is a dang shame.      We fought this battle of Squaw Mountain a year or two ago and the council LOST because you did not do your due diligence and speak with the people that the change would have affected.  You just jumped on the band wagon that Deb Haaland started.  I really don’t care if you think Squaw is derogatory or not.  The simple fact is this:  

Origin[change | change source]

The word “squaw” comes from the Algonquian languages, where it means “woman.”[2] In the Massachusset language, the word is “squàw.” In Cree, it is “iskwew.”Some people say that the word “squaw” comes from a Mohawk word that means vagina. However, many linguists, for example Ives Goddard of the Smithsonian, think this is not so. They think “squaw” really came from the regular Massachusetts word “squa,” for “woman.”[2]     
This matter was already settled a year or two ago and if you continue to attempt to usurp the power of the people and change something that was already decided against, I will find a way to fight the whole council tooth and nail.  JUST DO YOUR DANG JOB and ………….REPRESENT the PEOPLE as you were elected to do.  YOU are NOT the conscience of the people of Las Cruces.  YOU do NOT get to define what we think is good or bad.  THAT is up to WE THE PEOPLE to Decide……………NOT YOU!!!!
Have a nice rest of the week.
Michael PottsCitizen at Large
On Tue, Mar 7, 2023 at 3:31 PM Becky Corran <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Mr. Potts,

(I’ve cc’ed only the named folks in your email, to avoid a quorum.)

I would like to add myself to the “peas” you mention so kindly in your email.  I heard from a number of residents (of my district and across the City) who were ashamed that Las Cruces would maintain a derogatory name in our streets, and I’m happy that our naming conventions will prevent this going forward, and give us a tool to address the problematic street names that exist. 

So, I hope you’ll add me to your list of reviled councilors, as I stand proudly with Councilors Flores and Bencomo, and all the residents I heard from in this process.

With regards,


Becky Corran

City Councilor, District 5

Office: 575-541-2066/ Cell: 575-386-7838, Fax: 575-541-2119
[email protected]


From: Michael Potts <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, March 7, 2023 at 1:07 PM
To: Kenneth Miyagishima <[email protected]>, Kasandra Gandara <[email protected]>, Yvonne Flores <[email protected]>, Becki Graham <[email protected]>, Becky Corran <[email protected]>, Johana Bencomo <[email protected]>, Tessa Abeyta <[email protected]>, Ifo Pili <[email protected]>
Subject: Resolution 23-103

City Council of Las Cruces New Mexico                                                                   7, March, 2023

I just finished reviewing the City Council Meeting of 6 March, 2023.   In reviewing your Resolution 23-103 I see that you want to revisit the loss that you suffered a year ago or more in the naming of Squaw Mountain Drive.  If you did not know, I was the catalyst that prevented you from renaming that street then.  I was the one that initiated the Street Poll that told you that the people on that street did NOT want their street name changed.  Ms. Flores, you are one, abusive individual that fails utterly in speaking with the people that elected you.  You have never spoken to the people on that street, and you pull these Crazy Ass, stupid idea’s of yours out of thin air somewhere.

Well, just so you know, the power I had to motivate people against the change a year or more ago can also be called up and harnessed to find candidates that will replace three of you come the next election.  I will also, upon my return to New Mexico, from a family emergency in Virginia, harness the power I have to initiate a recall of Ms. Flores and Ms. Bencomo.  You two, singularly, are like two peas in a pod with little intellect to know how Government works and what you are supposed to do.

If you would go back, and study Government 101, you would find that the preamble to the Constitution starts out with “WE THE PEOPLE”.  Yet you continue to defy and deny the will of the People who you are supposed to REPRESENT!  ALL six of you are NOT doing your duty in carrying out what the voice of THE PEOPLE of this city, tell you.  You think because you were elected to office you can do any, and everything you want, without listening to what the majority of the people of Las Cruces have told you to do.  You have been told once, twice, multiple times, what the people wanted you to do in multiple instances, and yet you continue to thwart the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.  You have forgotten that the United States is a Representative Constitutional Government where the power comes FROM THE PEOPLE. 

Believe you me, once I return, the battle will be on, because you are very repugnant, and loathsome to the people of this city.  You have NO interest in doing what is right.  You seem to want to follow some Socialist Left Wing Progressive ideology that has no place in the City I grew up in.

In fact, I call for, and demand that each of you Resign your seats as you are not doing anything good for Las Cruces.  Crime is up, and no end in sight to that.  Homelessness is on the rise, and migrants camp all over the City.  You have accomplished NOTHING worthwhile, and as I said, WE THE PEOPLE call on your resignation.

Michael S. Potts
Citizen at Large

P.S.  Mr. Mayor, I am appalled that you went along with this resolution and voted for it.  Shame on you.  I hope you and Mr. Pili can see the mistake you have made in going along with what these six shameless women have accomplished.  It is a travesty and a mistake of no good making and you should have tried to school these women in the proper way that Government works.  What we will have now is a fascist, racist body that will echo the works of Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto.  SHAME…… NOTE: Over the coming months, The City of Las Cruces is transitioning our email domain to Please make sure you update your email systems to accommodate my new email address which will end in My current email address will continue to work for a limited time.


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