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Hi All,
Regarding this picture of the recent line of asylum seekers along the border in El Paso, I spoke with one of the people yesterday that accompanied a news team from there on into Juarez for the purpose of creating a documentary on the ongoing situation.

One thing that is baffling to me is why there is not more news on what is transpiring in the countries they are fleeing like Guatemala, Cuba, West Africa and Venezuela. Not in any way to justify letting them just come on in but at least to highlight why they would risk so much. It goes back to the fact that without hope the heart grows sick. Of curse there is the criminal element coming in under the cloak of the masses. Our penal system is not seen as a deterrent because compared to where they are coming from it is seen as a cakewalk. The worst that can happen is they will be incarcerated followed by being flown back on the US taxpayers dime.
The news team accompanied by a full security detail headed up by a fellow I campaigned for Sheriff for took the group to the Red Light district in Juarez. 
In the interviews they took they were enlightened as to how Title 42 (stay in Mexico) was being used to the Juarez cartels benefit. The immigrants pay around $2000.00 per person to be trafficked to the Border. Once stuck there the local Cartel uses them as drug mules to pay as in many cases they have borrowed the money to get there by the human traffickers from the Cartels. As they are sent out on their nefarious details the Cartel volunteers to take care of their children. According to the interviews the children are exploited as prostitutes or worst trafficked into the US or to who ever pays the highest price for the same exploitation.
Amongst all our politicians going back decades upon decades it is common knowledge that our immigration laws need serious modernization but this is just another of the political footballs used for campaigning and then just kicked down the road. DACCA is the latest addition to that debacle and is once again being brought back to life to hide our failure to address immigration policy at large.
To me it is obvious that just letting them pour in is no solution at all. I feel that a clearer understanding of what they are fleeing is needed by the voting populace so the elected officials respond in  ways that take the picture in its entirety and work from there. This is why it was stated that in order to preserve our nation we must have an educated population. Not one filled with book-smart but filled with common sense created through personal experience.
 It needs to be a requirement for high school that before graduating students must have spent 2-3 months in an undeveloped or at least an underdeveloped country. Life is all about perspective and after spending over a year on the ground of a war torn country as a US Marine and traveling to other under/undeveloped countries I have to laugh or cry when a person in the US tells their sad tales of whoa of their growing up years and then hear them condemn those lined up along the Border Fence. 
As far as all that recently got across, the news team went to the El Paso Greyhound Bus Station where the illegals unscreened were boarded to head N, E and W.


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