Article: The Crisis of Student Mental Health: Is much vaster than we realize

“Parenting Isn’t For Cowards” title of a book by James Dobson
I have spent more than my fare share of time on a psychologists couch. For myself there were many leaned moments but concern for how my second divorce was affecting my teenage daughter I got the wack on the side of the head I needed. It is pretty scary when your daughter closes the door for her therapy session having no idea what will be discussed. Vulnerability at its best. 
The most learned moment was when, because of family connections, I got an appointment for my daughter with the chief psychologist for Boeing. After just one session he made his assessment. He sat us both down and explained my daughter was handling all the chaos fine but he suggested that I was in need of psychological counseling far more than her. 
From my interaction with families I find this is true for far more parents than is admitted. I think in the word of today we all could use a mental tuneup. What is happening for the children now is it is being left to the schools without any parental involvement or knowledge and worst of all by untrained supposed professionals who are already known to not be adequately or properly educating children. You will be judged. Think about that at the next parent teacher conference. That teacher may have a biased opinion of you far more than you realize.
Parent to child: “What happened at school today?”. “Nothing”.


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