The National Debt

As the funding of the government once again looms near I ponder again the ever increasing costs that are actually the cost to support the victim ideology we so love that drives it skyward and that politicians use to gain votes. Since bad news is what sells and the victims of any natural, human caused or made up scenario get far more recognition than any other group the government pushes to bilk more and more out of the taxpayer by making the taxpayer assume guilt of some infraction or another. The guilt based $$ spent on this climate fiasco is a classic example. From taxpayer subsidies for anything that can be made to appear as decarbonizing so WE do not destroy the planer like solar and EV autos to the destruction of entire industries that create the quality of life we live to ever escalating private and government insurance and reinsurance (credit default swaps) premiums just in case, the tax bill grows. Traditional auto makers are so struggling that TESLA is selling them some of their tax credits (at a profit) they got from the government. As I follow and attempt to see the future of an educational system that matches the needs of the remaining 3/4 of this century the next great victim class the taxpayer will be put on the hook for will be the students thrust into a world of work that our educational system knowingly and willingly failed to prepare them for. The college debt forgiveness act is just the beginning. Based on it always being someone else’s fault, in the near future the US taxpayer will be handed a bill by the jobless masses that believed and trusted a government established and maintained system of preparation that failed to deliver leaving them either fully or periodically unemployed as they try to retrain alongside thousands of others from a job that became unneeded. Some want to slow it all down but that causes another entirely new set of problems that involves the idea of being actually educated or not educated relevant to the advances made by the human mind. Book suggestion: “Thank You For Being Late” by Thomas Friedman. Rob Wood


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