The Non Profit Homeless Industry

Letter to the Mayor:
Good Morning Mayor Enriquez,
I wanted to share with you what I have been distributing amongst our citizens who helped elect you with the hope for change. I feel this video explains a problem we face right here, “The Non Profit Homeless Industry Providers”.  Las Crucesans will be at tomorrows Council meeting armed with this information and I wanted you to be aware of it. As I have mentioned in the past, I was part of Mayor Miyagishima’s Homeless Task Force and saw our council doing exactly what is being clarified here to appease the uninformed public. You should discuss this topic with the director of our local Salvation Army.
Rob Wood 3427 Chimney Rock Rd 88011 ph#575-635-0803

The Non Profit Homeless Industry
I have brought this up in the past. I hope you will watch this video and see how it reflects what we are dealing with here. An informed citizenry is an effective citizenry.
Rob Wood


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