The Poorest City in New Mexico has been Revealed

From: cciawinusa <[email protected]>
Date: On Sunday, September 17th, 2023 at 16:00
Subject: The Poorest City in New Mexico has been Revealed
To: Johana Bencomo <[email protected]>
CC: Tessa Stuve <[email protected]>, Kassandra Gandara <[email protected]>, Kenneth Miyagishima <[email protected]>, Angelica Rubio <[email protected]>, [email protected] <[email protected]>

I read the article in the LC Bulletin where you stated  Despite “an internalized need to be humble, to be quiet about our wins,” Bencomo said at the event, “quite frankly, I’ve been very good at my job. I care about people,” she said, adding that the city council has been “passing good policy” throughout her term.  Critics of Bencomo and the other five female members of the council – “women in power,” she said – “are saying awful things about us, calling us everything under the sun. This is all they can do when you’re doing a good job.”I wont deny you and your colleagues have done some good for the City. But after getting a call from the owner of the Little Shop on Main this morning visibly and emotionally distraught by the continuous criminal element doing and selling drugs in front of her store (she called 911 numerous times), coming into her store and intimidating her customers and the loss of revenue due to the criminal cancer plaguing this City, it bothers me terribly that while you are patting yourself on the back, this and dozens of other SBs are suffering.  The forgotten victims. 
I hate seeing folks like her facing this anguish, desperation and hopelessness. 
I didnt see the word “crime” used in your interview.  At least your colleague, Councilor Stuve mentioned it in her interview…..

The Poorest City in New Mexico has been Revealed

JD Garcia


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