The Real Zombies/You OWN it !!

Council,  Judge, Commissioner’s and State Officials
Even though it is obvious that the LC crime element continues to terrorize the citizens, they are still waiting for the Council and elected state officials to take positive action to reduce crime in the city.  Or have the courts stop the revolving door of criminals committing repeat crimes….
The terror incident below was near Alameda in the historic district across from Love IT Law Firm.   These citizens have been robbed twice…Once in broad daylight…
This rise in crime, although you want to blame the rise as “its happening everywhere” , you own this problem here in Las Cruces. 
Something needs to change besides the same old line: “call the LCPD and file a report”.  
Your policies arent working….

Very sad…..

Juan D Garcia

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On Monday, October 31st, 2022 at 05:42, rreynaud <[email protected]> wrote:

Good Morning Mr. Peerman and Mr. Coltharp.  I could not let today’s Sun-News headline photo go without my comment.  Below is the front page.  Underneath is an account of real terror on our streets (I took out the name of the person who posted on FB).

Zombies LC Sun.JPG

LC Resident FB Post Oct 30, 2022: 

LC resident.JPG

Quite a contrast, wouldn’t you say.  The question is:  What will it take to cause this city’s Press to cover all sides of an issue?  The issue being:  we’ve lost control of our hometown.  
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