the roofless

Councilor ……..,

The Public Has a Right to Know

Concerning the unsheltered the public has the right to know what their elected representatives have in mind as a strategy to positively affect the roofless in our community. Low income housing in no way affects the chronically unsheltered, drug addicted and mentally unstable on our streets. It is just a flash in the pan to obscure the fact that there is no plan except now to give them secure privacy in doing their business which could range from relieving oneself to drug use and dealing to sexual activity on a whim. Will they be heated and cooled?

I am all for more public restrooms like in community parks so grandparents can take themselves and their grandchildren to them while there but putting the unsheltered quality of life before that is not representing your voters except to appease them through attempting to hide the real issues that surround the situation that there appears to be no real plan to address.

I am making an assumption that you are not a subscriber to The Economist Magazine so will not be able to open the attached article but you could use the public library to gain insight from the article on at least some type of strategies that are being tried in our two most desperate cities. I suggest also Googling why Seattle took out their homeless catering privies.


Rob Wood
Mayors Homeless Task Force


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