This can happen..

Could this happen? Similar things have, so do not even for one second think the Republicans have the presidency in the bag. I see Biden just as a Democrat place holder till they develop their strategy. We may think the Democrats are stupid but I advise one to think again. The vice presidency is normally a dead end job (see the video “Vice” on Netflix) but only for that person unless the President goes away. The other worst case scenario is Biden resigns or dies, Harris moves up and gets a brain tumor or assassinated and Pelosi becomes President. These are all frightening. We need to start now in gaining Republican momentum for 2022 that will carry us all the way to ’24 and beyond if we have any desire to save this nation. I just went through training on the use of a campaigning tool called Sidekick. It is a data gathering tool we are using on our phones that uploads in real time as we knock doors, as our primary objective is to gain voter data to add to the already gathered data when we used it in 2020 and the last local elections. It refines the ability to target voters and waste less time with voters who we already know will vote Republican. The whole thing is quite impressive and is then tied into mailing and voter specific social media and TV adds based on their viewing habits. It is kinda scary how much data is available on each of us that is out there and how target advertising works. Remember that the Democrats have tested systems of their own. To win we must flood the system with our voters but even then a win will be by only a 1-2% margin so get out there and do something. There are only 100 days left till election day and early voting begins way before that.


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