Received by one of our members;

If you needed a reminder of just how important Arizona is right now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is coming here TODAY to try and boost the GOP’s extreme candidates Kari Lake and Blake Masters.

He marks the third 2024 presidential contender who’s come to Arizona in the last month, solidifying our status as the top toss-up state. The 2020 election wasn’t a fluke – it was the start of a truly blue AZ.

But, XX, we can’t continue to deliver Arizona at the presidential level if we slip up this year. We have to win up and down the ballot and send Lake and Masters packing. Can you donate $10 right now so we can truly flip Arizona blue this year?

DeSantis is just Trump 2.0 and a good view of what Arizona will look like if we let the AZ GOP win this November.

DeSantis has bullied anyone who has gotten in his way politically. He’s forced the Florida state legislature into clearly illegal actions by vetoing reasonable solutions, and he’s attacked the LGBTQ+ community in Florida relentlessly.

He’s even trying to remove a local prosecutor who won’t let DeSantis’ political ambitions guide his office’s prosecutions.

There’s no doubt Kari Lake would do the same – if not worse – as Arizona governor. So of course DeSantis is in town trying to boost her campaign.

the GOP is spending millions and bringing all of their big names to Arizona in a desperate attempt to keep our state red. We’re relying on our grassroots team to show it’s time Arizona went fully blue. Can you give $10 right now so we can truly flip Arizona blue this year?


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