Two Anti-2A Bills to be Heard on Monday 1/30/23

On Monday, January 30th, two gun control bills will be heard in separate committee meetings. First, HB9, the firearm owner liability and mandatory storage bill will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee starting at 1:30pm in Room 309 (Zoom Link). The bill will impose criminal penalties on gun owners if a third-party minor uses their firearm to commit a crime or injure someone. Second, SB116, the proposed ban on anyone under 21 from purchasing or owning a semiautomatic firearm will be heard in the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee starting at 1:30pm in Room 311 (Zoom Link). Below is the contact info for members of both committees. NMSSA is opposed to both bills.

Another bill we are watching was filed today. HB224 would make it illegal to carry a firearm while drunk or high in a city of more than 90,000 people – yes that is really in the bill. But more importantly, it would make it a crime to shoot a gun within 150 yards of a building without the permission of the building’s owner. The bill would shut down all indoor shooting ranges, and some outdoor ranges in our state as well. Acts of self-defense would not be exempt either.

House Judiciary Committee

Representative Christine Chandler – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4411

Representative Andrea Romero – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4243

Representative William “Bill” R. Rehm – (R) [email protected] 505-986-4214

Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4416

Representative Gail Chasey – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4777

Representative T. Ryan Lane – (R) [email protected] 505-986-4758

Representative Javier Martínez – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4782

Representative Matthew McQueen – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4423

Representative Greg Nibert – (R) [email protected] 505-986-4211

Representative Andrea Reeb – (R) [email protected] 505-986-4215

Representative Reena Szczepanski – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4777

Senate Heath and Public Affairs Committee

Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4482

Senator Bill Tallman – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4373

Senator Gregg Schmedes – (R) [email protected] 505-986-4395

Senator David M. Gallegos – (R) [email protected] 505-986-4278

Senator Martin Hickey – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4513

Senator Stuart Ingle – (R) [email protected] 505-986-4702

Senator Antonio Maestas – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4726

Senator Brenda G. McKenna – (D) [email protected]  505-986-4301

Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez – (D) [email protected] 505-986-4389


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