Reaction to Council Mtg 7/3

From: “Dora Luchini-lucero” <[email protected]>To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>Sent: Wed, Jul 5, 2023 at 12:40 AMSubject: July 3rd city council meetingYvonne,
I watched you on YouTube and your response to Ms.. Campos and her children was priceless. 
The topic at hand was businesses that are getting broken into many times and being graffitied.  Ms. Campos was speaking about making a good, honest living to provide for her family and being able to pay her taxes. She also spoke about being a role model for her children, to instill hard work, determination, responsibility and education, so that she and they would not have to live off the government. Ms. Campos moved to the greatest country in the world to achieve the American Dream, and yet, you couldn’t be bothered by her concerns. (In my opinion, this is the type of citizens I want living in my community).
Ms. Campos explained to the all female council that she is losing business because of the break inns, broken and  boarded windows, and graffiti. She explained that her customers do not want to go to her business in that environment. 
To my dismay, your arrogance and condescension was on full display. Your job is to truly, truly listen to the concerns of your constituents and the citizens of Las Cruces and the county, not talk about yourself or whom you agree with. You went on and on about your education, and yourself, which had nothing to do with Ms. Campos  concerns. I can only imagine how she must of felt. In my opinion, you and others on the council looked down to her, and it was disgusting. 
I for one do not care or am not impressed with your education or being from California. In addition, not sure why you were talking about the pay of the city council or criticism you say you endure. Again, don’t care. If the pay or criticism bothers you, resign. 
What I, and many, many, many of us care about is the small and large businesses that are getting broken into all over the city and not feeling safe, homelessness taking over our beautiful city and trashing it, marijuana shops in every block of our city, including being by churches and schools,  illegal aliens being welcomed into our city by the all female city council and mayor, while hardworking taxpayers, such as Ms. Campos, have to foot all expenses for them. 
And yet, it was obvious that some on the council were not interested in hearing what Ms. Campos and other business owners are going through. In addition; you made the statement that someone said “you don’t care.” I am here to tell you, in your video you displayed “Shear Arrogance “. Take a good look at yourself, and you will answer your own question.
Unfortunately,  there are so many other issues the all female city council should be finding solutions for, such as: New Mexico being number one (1) for poverty, number one (1) for citizens being on welfare, no high paying jobs or corporations moving in, (all going to red states) poor failing schools and 50th in education, highest drop out rate in the nation, but have to prioritize crime as their numbers one (1) issue. 
Lastly, none of us feel safe in Las Cruces anymore.  I especially don’t feel safe for my parents or any elderly person. They are easy targets.for criminals. 

Dora Luchini-Lucero 


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