Urgent request for testimony today, Friday, 2/24, on HB 218 Low Income Public Utility Rate

HB 218 Low Income Public Utility Rates will be heard in House Judiciary this afternoon. We have a CTA with over 55,000 actions taken, but we need people to testify today in person or via Zoom.

HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE – Friday, February 24, 2023 – 1:30 PM – Room 309   


Please click this link to join the webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81793611432    

This bill will establish lower utility rates for low income people and will significantly raise the utility rates of everyone else to cover the costs. The utility companies are coming out in force to support this. They don’t care where they get their money, they just want to get paid. When you consider the increases we’ve already seen in utility rates – both electric and gas – this is going to cause rates to be unaffordable for some on fixed income who don’t qualify for the lower rates.

Can we get people to testify or do we remain silent and let them increase our utility rates? This is the time to decide. Please notify everyone you can!

                                The email Call to action is below:

HB 218 creates socialized utility rates

Socialized utility rates are not the answer to address poverty in New Mexico.

HB 218: Low-Income Public Utility Rates, would force hard-working families struggling to pay their own bills to help pay for others’ utility bills! 

Consider the elderly or those on fixed incomes who can barely afford their own utility bills. HB 218 would force them to help cover utility costs for others when they struggle to pay their own bill.

Click on the red button below to tell our legislators to vote ‘NO’ on HB 218 Low-Income Public Utility Rates.Click HERE to Tell lawmakers to VOTE NO!


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