Voter Concern

Subject: Voter Concern

October 26, 2022

Dear Ms. Bachman,

I am requesting that you immediately charge poll workers, challengers, poll watchers and other volunteers to COUNT THE BALLOTS AT THE POLLING PLACE each night at the end of voting and have that number verified immediately by the Dominion machine tabulator tapes before being taken to the warehouse.

This was my advice to you when I spoke at the October 25, 2022, BOCC meeting.

The one thing that isn’t done here in Dona Ana County is a hand tally at the end of the day of the ballots as they are pulled from the tabulators. It would seem to me that is the very least that should be done! It appears our county wants the machine judges to run off with the SD card ASAP from the tabulators where they directly go to the warehouse in a separate door to get uploaded to the SOS office. The SD cards are therefore never compared to the actual ballots!

Seems to me it would be a great idea to compare the hand tally at that point at the polling center, aka Voting Convenience Center, to the numbers on the tabulator tapes. Instead, they are taken to the warehouse immediately where Ballots and SD cards are separated immediately at the end of the night.

We have excellent poll workers and volunteers representing both parties that can be trusted with executing this simple request at the end of the day at each polling center. It will certainly be less expensive to the county than the lawsuits and unruly attacks that are occurring in New Mexico and other states, where a simple verification of the ballots from the machine is matched for accuracy with the tabulators each night, before being moved from the polling place to our warehouse.

If the SD cards were verified every night, that would eliminate a lot of doubt about the true vote and reliability of the machine. Why won’t you verify the SD card every night at the county warehouse, and have at least two witnesses sign off that the SD cards, number of ballots and the tabulator tapes all 3 show the same numbers? Why is the machine judge required to enter after voting through a different door and then drop off the SD card in a different room? That forces a separation of the ballots and the tabulator tapes from the SD cards! Again, why?

If you need volunteers at the warehouse each night, I heard Mark Vieth speak before me on the 25th and offer to get volunteer manpower for anything you need to promote transparency for the voters and prevent what happened in Torrance County.

This is briefly what I explained to you at the October 25, 2022, BOCC meeting.

Torrance County, NM recently held a constituent demanded audit of their June 2022 Primary Election, and the results showed a stunning 25% difference between machine and hand count results.

This significance is huge for the general election on November 8. Torrance County is a red county! It was a Republican candidate that received 25% more machine votes than the hand count. The audit does not change the result, but it does bring into question the vulnerable Dominion machines! Speculation is the machines were programmed to jockey into position a certain Republican candidate to oppose an incumbent Democrat. It was never a challenge of Republicans vs. Democrats!

So, it appears it is either programming or outside access! Either way, it is a manipulation of the machines.

After Primary results were certified, irate citizens initially confronted Torrance County Commissioners, calling them “cowards,”” traitors,” and rubber stamp puppets.”

The Commissioners responded to the vitriol by taking several unprecedented steps to restore trust in voting and ballot counting.

They ordered an independent recount of primary election results by hand and assigned the county manager to recruit veteran poll workers and volunteers for two days to sort and tally ballot images, with additional recounts. They also had the county manager oversee testing and certification of the county’s vote tabulators.

All 24 of the Dominion tabulator SD cards from the Torrance County June 2022 Primary have been entered into evidence with the Sheriff’s 0ffice.

These party-specific errors happened on all the tabulators across the county regardless of whether the voter voted absentee, early ballot or on election day.

I’d call that machine manipulation, wouldn’t you????

Please respond to me as soon as possible, that you will take this simple step to assure trust in Dona Ana County voting and ballot counting. Otherwise, I fear you all are putting the citizen taxpayers of this county at great financial risk if an audit or lawsuit happens here when it is so simple to be proactive and prevent this from becoming an issue in Dona Ana County.

Thank you for your consideration,

Beverly A. Hogan

4986 Beryl St.

Las Cruces, NM 88012 717-891-1923


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