We did some good yesterday


A little while ago, our driveway alarm went off and it was a LCPD vehicle.He was just turning around, but I watched him and he accessed the illegal camps through the cut fence at the end of Brown Road. (See attached)I went out and intercepted him as he left.WOW, what a conversation!He was out here because someone had suggested that he watch the speeches that Lynda and I gave yesterday at City Council.He thought we did a great job and tag teamed very well.Now, he was out getting the lay of the land.It was Officer P. Doyle and he said he was the officer in charge of daytime.We must have visited for 45 minutes or so and I gave him the tour of the destroyed fence at the east end of the Burn Lake property.The shelter where the guy threatened Rob and I, is now abandoned, but they left a whole bunch of crap. In looking at this crap, Officer Doyle taught me how to recognize the signs of Fentanyl usage. He also said Parks and Rec are finally getting upset about the damage the homeless are doing at the west side of the park that families still use.In one of mu PDF’s, I showed some of the vandalism as it happened and the results of other vandalism.So, it is finally getting Parks and Recreation’s attention.One part of the conservation was about where these people should go.I suggested that they go to the proposed film lot that runs along Compress and Amador. (see attached map).He said that the film lot was what caused all of this problem at Burn Lake.The proposed film lot runs right up to the park that the homeless were camping in on Hayner and the investors said they would kill the deal if the homeless stayed in that area.They are not going to build a studio with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment if the homeless were camping next door.Gee, liberals virtual signal that they love, and care so much for the homeless; but, not in my back yard.Go figure.Officer Doyle promised me that there would be more and more “blue” cars in the area.There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.Thank you all for your help, comments, and forwarding of emails.I will keep you posted as new stuff happens.Fred


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