Wealth Re- Distribution

Giving away taxpayer money unconditionally is irresponsible- Engage your Councilor.

Mayor, Council and Councilor Bencomo 
The following quote is unbelievable.  
Basic income provides unconditional and unrestricted payments to help individuals with their basic needs.

So the recipient can spend the money at “Fiesta Foods or at one of the 100 or so marijuana shops” in town since the individuals define “their basic needs”.  Zero accountability for these tax dollars by our elected officials.  Giving away taxpayer funds without accountability is irresponsible.   
Who is funding the NGOs distributing the money ? 
Bencomo said she hopes the pilot program is just the beginning.  Do we think inflation and the cost of essential goods will decrease in 18 months ?  Then what ?  More unaccounted wealth redistribution ? 
“We don’t have the money. I think what happens is some people need to have an understanding of what it takes to run a government,” he said. “I just don’t get it, some of my colleagues really need to learn a lesson in finance and economics here because they have no idea where [the] money comes from…
The Council knows where the money comes from. Look at the “Inflation Reduction Act” ….I guarantee the cost of flour tortillas at Fiesta Foods has not come down since this Act was passed….
OTH ,since “poverty” is often blamed for crime, maybe these taxpayer dollars will help put a “dent” in local crime.  We can hope….



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