What happened to education?

I just finished the President of Hillsdale College, Larry Arnn’s book (80 pages) “Liberty and Learning, The Evolution of American Education”. Wow, no wonder so many of our graduates are on the wrong track.They we’re never taught to question the validity of what they were being taught. Their college diploma to them signifies they know all that they need to know. They had no say in the education they were forced to take in order to get that diploma they spent untold hours and dollars working towards. How many do you know that graduate say after that they are now going to reevaluate their education and its factuality? Better get a big lunch.

Did you take Western Civ? Since it taught western exceptionalism, it is directly in opposition to multiculturalism that is being pushed today even in our k-12 where students are taught that all cultures are equally good. So out it went.

The book was published in 2004 and how far our higher educational process has degraded since then is astounding and now it is enveloping the K-12 system. Unknowing, our students are becoming victims of an insidious process we are not pushing back against at the level it needs to be addressed. This is not some local issue as the Feds have implanted themselves dead center in our school curriculum. Just follow the money.

Rob Wood


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