What is the Goal

What is the Goal?
The Forces of Evil Will Rule This World if Enough Good People Do Nothing
It is far worse than you can imagine and the evidence demands a verdict. David Clements, a former foremost prominent prosecuting attorney and former law professor who was fired from NMSU for refusing to be vaccinated gave another eye opening presentation last night to a large crowd on voting corruption via the sign in E-poll book pads and the voting machines (Dominion in ours and 27 other states). Poling place E- Poll book pads are connected directly to the internet and the voting machines have a wifi chip and accessible USB ports. Add to this the film “2,000 Mules” and it is glaringly obvious that there is something seriously wrong and the fact that in some states vote counting for the 2020 presidential election was stopped at around 10:00 pm and resumed at around 10:00 am the next day. That has never happened in the past so what is the “Why” of those 12 hours?
Clements is not creating some hoopla with just paranoid lip service, they have the records and data to show that votes are being seriously manipulated. This is not just stupid New Mexico, and Michigan and Georgia. They have the similar data. Michigan did a hand count of the paper ballots against the voting machine outcome and found 7,000 votes changed by the machine from Trump to Biden. Another feature within the voting machine is its internal printer capability to print a filled in ballot via voice to be used by the blind. Called an Audio Tactile Interface. It all has to do with the software which could easily notice, let’s say, a not chosen vote and fill it in even for the voter filled in ballots. Like School Boards, judges and bond issues that many historically do not get voted for. The software can easily be changed via wifi to alter how the programming handles blank votes.
Our neighboring county (historically votes red and did elect Trump) commissioners refused to certify their primary election (which by law is solely their responsibility) due to the major discrepancies that were found in the voter roles after they canvassed 20% of that counties voters. An order came from the US Congress to stop their canvasing effort. Massachusetts’s Dr Shiva was helping until slammed with the threat of a federal lawsuit. Out of the 20%, 60% were found to be correct, 30% did not live at that address, 24% by the record showed a conflict as to how they voted (absentee vs election day), 4% ghost voters, and 2% that were just dropped votes all the way to a half dozen voters addresses being in an empty parking lot.
Their last Tuesdays refusal to certify the election created such a backlash that the NM attorney general ordered them to certify it regardless of its uncertainty or face prosecution. The AG sent the same message to every county in the state. That county had already voted to get rid of the Dominion voting machines and the Zuckerberg drop boxes before the Nov election which had infuriated our secretary of state who, the records show, passed on E-Poll Pad voter data throughout election day to one of the major Democrat Party organizers. That is a class 4 felony according to Clements. These people have no shame. They create the laws to protect themselves or just ignore them because they know there is no system to get them.
The Soros of the world have been refining this system for years. Notice that Hillary Clinton stated her loss was fraudulent but never demanded an audit of the vote as Trump did. She knew the game and did not want it exposed. She lost because the system managers never expected so much voter support for Trump.
This is not just about Democrats, just look at all the RINOs in office. There are a lot of Republicans fearing the possibility that they may only be in office because of nefarious manipulations of the puppet masters.
How do we stop this? By showing up at County Commissioner meetings and flooding their e-mail boxes demanding counties rid themselves of E-poll pads for signing in, electronic voting machines and voting drop boxes and go paper for both so there is a distinct paper record. Voter ID must also be added.
You can google New Mexico Audit Force and see the total freakout of the news media which in and of itself must tell you something as the evidence still is never disputed. The article by the Washington Post is kinder but this whole issue has both parties on edge just as the prospect of Trump’s reelection did. There are a lot of RINOs that do not want that type of President.
Rob Wood


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