what’s so great about america

It seems so odd that the liberal mentality surrounds making a point of the blemishes of America and disregards it’s greatness and all the life enriching things it has given the rest of the world in eliminating poverty and starvation and giving the many a pathway to a better quality of life. Have we done it all right or all wrong, of course not. The challenge arises that the liberal mindset surrounds the thinking that we should be compared to a utopian society as is communism. America is criticized based on that unrealistic utopian perspective because innocent minds of children grasp it and then grow up to perpetuate it as fact. The pioneers of our country were not so deluded. if their view was utopian it was because they saw unrestrained possibilities available to them that required effort and great risk. With respect to the teaching of history, no other country in the world would condone the degradation of that country in its educational system but for some odd reason we feel we are so special or entitled that we can. This is possible here because unlike other countries that see themselves as a specific nationality, we are seen as an idea leaving us open to be a punching bag to any that see fit to use us in that manner. I have suggested as a Middle/High School history textbook, “Land of Hope”, published by Wilfred McClay in 2019 and offered as a free online course from Hillsdale College for those waning an easy way to review it. I have changed my mind though because if building a house the most important thing to do is create a firm foundation on solid ground to build atop so whether the additional structure is poorly or well designed the foundation remains as the constant with respect to the integrity of future changes to the structure due to damage or re-imagination. Why America? , is that foundation. Most all have seen or at least heard of the recent film about flaws in our voting system explored by Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules”. But what do you know about this man? Why is his perspective valid? One needs to explore why one thinks the way they do before heading off with them. I am changing my recommendation for an American History textbook to a much more concise and simpler book that he wrote in 2002, ”What’s So Great About America”. The title says it all because if we as the adults, spoiled and entitled as we are, are making school textbook choices for children we must be able to answer that question ourselves in a way that they can understand, especially the thousands that are here and have no real idea why. The culture and the future of this grand experiment rests in their hands based on the tools we either directly give or allow others to give them. America is an idea that requires the responsibility of any claiming to be one, along with a deep understanding of its purpose in the world. Are we perfect? No. Be willing to admit it and able to address to a questioning mind how we are amending our ways. Rob Wood


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