“Where Do We Go From Here”

Hi all.

Thanks again for the webinar on school choice.

The greatest challenge most face in altering the trajectory of education is that most want change but really want to impede progress and change nothing as far as the merit based traditional industrial era conveyor system of pumping out kids in order to avoid the disruption it will cause to the industry that provides it.

One very important aspect to look at is specialized learning and subject matter. Putting education dollars back in the hands of parents will help this paradigm or disruptive shift in how school is done so it better aligns with student needs, not educational employment. However what truly needs to happen is the embracing of a clearer understanding of what the purpose of school is with respect to the student for the latter half of this century. Michael Horn, also of the Christensen Institute, does an in depth discussion on this in “From Reopen To Reinvent, Recreating School For Every Child”. The answer is not definitive but the clarification needs to be at the forefront of all school policy discussions.



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