Who Owns your kids ?

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Ms Warniment
Although I appreciate your transparency, it was disappointing and appalling to hear you state during the Extended Calendar Town Hall “academically and also for the student well being”… and ” one thing that makes a difference for students both academically and social emotional is more time with adults that matter and the adults who matter are the teachers in the classroom“.  Really?  Not dad, or mom or Abuela ? Those are not the adults that matter?  (LCPS Live Meetings on Livestream  – about 57:00)  and Attached audio clip.
The extended calendar with full of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Dr. Soña Alaniz Saiz, LCSW, is the Coordinator of Mental Health and Academic Counseling for Las Cruces Public Schools and a founding member of SEL4NM ) is intended to expand the replacement of parents in the student’s (children’s) life with teachers ?   
“Teachers” paid by the state who will “teach” what is being forced upon them from the PED (social justice, identity politics, etc….) or their own individual ideology.  This is called INDOCTRINATION.  
Our “trusted” local school and elected officials (LCPS and LCPS School Board) “accepted” your comments without question.  Complicit perhaps?
 What is the purpose and responsibility of the school?  The family?   You are attempting to replace the family with “big brother”.
As a parent, I am not ready and willing to transfer ownership of my child to you or the state.  
Elected and public officials: You have kids, grand kids, etc… are you willing to abdicate your family rights to the “state”?   Are teachers the adults that matter? 

Thank you….. 


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