Who Speaks for the Local GOP


First of all thank you for the positive comments regarding our mission.  And thanks for a welcoming environment during our visits with you and Peter. 
We are in no way trying to assume leadership of the Republicans in this area.  We are a policy and issue advocacy/grassroots organization with the primary focus on the issues affecting each one of us regardless of party affiliation- education, election integrity and crime/local politics.  We are non partisan.  We want to represent the “forgotten victims” that are frequently ignored by the local media. 
Our work recently is on crime that is plaguing our community yet our local leadership appears to be tone deaf. I know crime is not a progressive/socialist issue that the elected officials want to touch since their policies are not always conducive to reducing crime but often more of enabling the criminals. 
 We have spoken numerous times at the Council and Commision with very little acknowledgement from the leaders on the problem.
Maybe one of these days we can have a discussion on the topic from the ideology point of view.

​Juan D Garcia


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