Witnessed shoplifting at Las Cruces Dollar store; Even a $15 theft is a serious matter

Good afternoon Judge Goldbaum, please read the email I sent to the Mayor and Councilors yesterday.  I work across the street from the beleaguered Family Dollar (at Solano and Missouri).I am a little off on the dollar amount for threshold for felony (the Mayor corrected me), but please see the point I am trying to make.V/RRick Reynaud, P.E.Lifelong LC resident
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Dear Mayor and Councilors, I did have one thing to add in my public comments yesterday:  I witnessed a shoplifting at the Family Dollar.  I was checking out and the clerk said wait, then quickly went to the front door – opened it and told the person who was walking away, come back here and bring back what you took, I heard the buzzer.  The person, who had walked out while on the phone with her backpack, just walked away as if it was her right to shoplift in Las Cruces.  Seeing the look on the clerk’s face, she was emotionally beaten.  Her supervisor walked in and she told her, it’s starting already.  (This store was also broken into thru the roof in the past week).
The point is, I disagree with the high dollar threshold, sometimes $1000, that must be met to make a felony (or more serious offense).  That clerk has “skin” in the game with her job, and supervisor, and fellow workers, friendly customers and delivery people.  They are a family of sorts, they band together to face these daily indignities.  And to have someone steal from you, right in your face, where is the shame? The crime may have been just $15, but the damage to the dignity of our citizens is much more.  It is unacceptable.  V/RRick ReynaudLifelong LC Resident


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