Write Councilor Flores

Councilor Flores insulted every single veteran. On this Memorial Day, where those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice are honored, take action and let her know she is wrong. Use my letter below or the many in the Sound Off to shape yours. JUST DO IT !!! https://conservativesinaction.org/local-elected-officials/

Councilor Flores
I just finished reviewing the video from the 5/16/2022 LCCC meeting and am trying to wrap my head around two of your comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGQvibOEyv0(2:30)
 1. You stated, as an elected official, that “Mrs. Baca was killed” which to me is the same as the “killing by decapitation” of the man at Apodaca Park by a murderer.  What you are saying is  the police officer is guilty.  Where is the responsibility of an elected official to act with decorum and refrain from making incendiary comments like this ? 
2. You also stated veterans or those who have served in the military should not be allowed to serve as police officers.  This is not only discriminatory but insulting to everyone who has worn the military uniform.  No different than saying homosexuals shouldn’t serve as Boy Scout troop leaders.   
You owe every single veteran who has served our country an apology.  And there are many in this city and county.  

Councilor Bencomo
I find it appalling that we have killings every single day regardless of race.  The lack of value for life is horrifying.  Starting with a woman’s right to murder her defenseless unborn if she chooses to do so.  Do you publicly grieve for them as well?
Did you grieve for the innocent “white people” that were killed by “black supremacists”  in New York and in Wisconsin ? 
If in fact you and other elected officials, starting with the President, condemned these two black supremacists for their hate crimes and brutal killings, I missed it. 
Or is it politically expedient to pander to “people of color” and support a woman’s right to “reproductive health”.?  
The hypocrisy is deafening……

Thank you 
Retired US Marine…


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