Write your elected officials- LC WAR ZONE


Elected Representatives
You know exactly what is going on in the Las Cruces war zone where criminals “at will” destroy, attack and terrorize small businesses and other citizens with no consequences or deterrence.  I, and numerous other citizens, have reached out to all of you and you remain silent, ignore and refuse to provide solutions, instead of the “band aids” you provide.  This crime today was the latest attack on a citizen and small business.   
Building set on fire.  1710 South Espina, the old La Fuente restaurant (LCCCD2).   Last week, there was an attack on Salon Allure on Solano (LCCCD1) as well as Monster House Smoke. 
In the near future, citizens impacted are fed up and plan to organize a campaign to highlight how you and the rest of the elected officials don’t have interest in providing real solutions for Las Cruces small businesses and continue to ignore the major problem.   And the risk small businesses take when operating in LC.  
Looking forward to hearing your solutions  tomorrow during the Pre-Legislative Session Community meetings…..No citizen or small business should live in fear or have to spend their money to correct these vicious attacks. 
Thank you 


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