You won’t believe who is this year’s school choice MVP

What amazes me is that the only motivation is parental rights regarding schools owning their children. 100% a good reason to get ones children out of this system but where is what should be front and center in this dialogue, the academic preparation of children that has been declining since the 1960s as pointed out in the 1982 report “A Nation at RisK”? No matter what methods one is employing they all march to the State’s competency exam which is where the problem lay. What defines competency? Corey DeAngelis put it at the forefront again in his recently released book, “Mediocrity”. Unfortunately the news of any leaning leads us around by the nose jerking the chain so the public jumps here and there so they do not have to actually be informative, just create reaction. They just want your dime and to fuel divisiveness and not solutions. You are being used by this system.
As I keep attempting to point out, motivated parents and students need to walk away and seek out better options and leave the PED to be just a system that serves the unmotivated. When that happens great school leaders will appear outside of the non government/union bureaucracy and the excellent teachers that are focused on proper child centered preparedness will follow. This is common sense if one cares at all about their child’s future.
What I am seeing is nothing but knee jerk reactions to the latest news feed with no teeth into the core problem which is; our children will not be prepared to function and hopefully prosper in the remaining 3/4 of this century. Does anyone take the time to study that or do they just want to return to the failed system of the past hoping it will morph into the better system our children deserve on its own. Not going to happen if one just looks at where self morphing has delivered it to today.
ref Ken Robinson’s animation:
It is well and good to keep hearing what we don’t want in our government schools but unfortunately it appears to only revolve around social. When it comes to walking away and actually making child preparation student mastery based choices we best know what proper education should look like for the 21st century. 
Michael Horn of the Christiansen Institute poses the question needing to be asked in his book “From Reopen to Reinvent”; What is the purpose of school?


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