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Alma d’Arte High School (a charter school in Las Cruces) is facing significant challenges. This charter school has its own school board and does not fall under the purview of Las Cruces Public Schools.

The school board has been making significant changes and is aiming to turn the school around, yet they are facing opposition from students and parents. The school is at risk of losing its state grants and being shut down.

As a community advocacy organization, we are looking for CCIA members to attend the 4/15 school board meeting.

This will demonstrate that the community cares about what happens at this school and allow us to determine if CCIA should involve itself in this issue.

There may be media present at the meeting due to recent increased scrutiny. Juan and Joan plan to attend as well.

  • WHAT: Alma d’Arte School Board Meeting
  • WHEN: Monday April 15 at 6pm
  • WHERE: 402 West Court Avenue, Las Cruces 88005

You can download the agenda for the meeting here:


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