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Author: Julie Pfau

  • Trans Clinic Whistleblower Speaks Out

    https://www.thefp.com/p/i-thought-i-was-saving-trans-kids Or Go to YouTube: Triggernometry – Trans Clinic Whistleblower Speaks Out

  • The 1906 Carnegie Unit – Rob Wood

    Just Follow the Money The 1906 Carnegie Unit of assessing children and qualifying teachers for retirement Gee, let’s do a study on this. John Taylor Gatto brought this forward in […]

  • Early Voting Begins

  • Generative AI – by Rob Wood

    Generative AIOn chatGPT: Generative AI is a tool. That is all. If it is used for nefarious purposes as has been done with the printing presses printed words and pictures […]

  • Personalized Education by Rob Wood

    Personalizing EducationI am totally lost as to why in todays world we want education to change but we expect it to stay being free. In the NM Constitution it says […]

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