CALL TO ACTION: Pro-Palestine Ceasefire Resolution at City Council

Sarah Smith, Juan Garcia, and Julia Ruiz

Dear Las Crucens,

On Monday May 6, the Las Cruces City Council will be voting on a Pro-Palestinian Ceasefire Resolution. This is a highly divisive topic that the City Council does not need to be taking a stance on.

If this topic is important to you, please email, call, and/or attend the May 6 meeting to make a public comment. See below for more information and potential talking points.

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Protesters have repeatedly asked the City Council to sign a pro-Palestine resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Three Councilors (Bencomo, Corran, and Graham) have already spoken in favor of such a resolution, and it is on the meeting agenda for May 6.


Potential talking points are at the end of this post. Make sure to send individual emails instead of one group email if you want a response. Please be respectful in your communications for the maximum positive impact.


All email addresses: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]


There will be a City Council meeting on May 6 at 1pm. You can attend either to speak or to show support for others who are speaking. NOTE: The Mayor will likely require people to wait to speak about this topic until that agenda item is reached in the meeting.  

WHAT: City Council Meeting

WHEN: Monday May 6 at 1pm

WHERE: City Hall, 700 N Main St, Las Cruces 88001


Here are some potential talking points about this issue. Please do NOT copy-paste these verbatim. Your communications will be most effective if you add in your own words as well. Please be respectful to make the most positive impact.

  • The Israel/Palestine conflict is a highly divisive issue. City Council does not need to get involved in this one way or the other.
  • The Israel/Palestine conflict is a distraction from more important local issues.
  • Please focus on the important issues our community is facing including crime, blight, and homelessness.
  • This resolution will cause unnecessary division and tension in our community.
  • Please do NOT pass this and instead focus on finding ways to unite and help our local community.

Thank you for taking action on this!


11 Replies to “CALL TO ACTION: Pro-Palestine Ceasefire Resolution at City Council”

  1. William Barnard

    Why in earth would they support a terrorists organization controlled by Iran hamass has committed genocide themselves. Murdering and raping woman do not comply to terrorists you are supporting there hate against Jews

  2. Maria

    Thanks for call to action on this political bias virtualsignaling waste of time and resources from Las Cruces City Council. City Councils have the responsibility and obligation to work on focusing hard and fast to bring solutions to the issues rapidly decaying our beloved City and its community!!! If some of the City Council Members feel compelled to side with one country in this many decades long conflict they should do so as private Citizens. They should rather make a manifesto calling the US Administration to stop allowing the cross of fentanyl, human and sex trafficking in the Southern border which is ONLY one hour away from our community!!!

  3. Taylene Jacko

    I want to stand against this resolution. I believe this issue has already caused unnecessary division and tension in our country. We do NOT need to invite more unrest to our community.
    I do not agree with war at all! However, I do feel people have a right to defend themselves. If attacks stopped then Israel would not have to defend themselves. The Palestinians have a place to dwell and call home. We must teach the truth about history or we are bound to repeat the halocoust. The Jewish people have the same rights as those stated in the resolution. We must stand for ALL human rights or none exist. We must remember
    2 million were killed in the Sudan Civil War, 500k Arabs were killed, Saddam Hussein killed 1 million Muslims, and even on US soil 22,000 were killed in Pearl Harbor, our responds US killed 3.5 million Japanese, including 100k in one night.
    28 hundred US citizens killed at 9/11, US killed 400k in Afghanistan/Iraq. Yet, we were not accused of genocide. We were considered justified to defend ourselves and our home land.
    Isreal is prosecuting war more humanely in ratios of civilian vs combaten mortality then any other army. Definitely lower then in Japan or Germany. Isreal should be allowed to fight back, not just to truce but, also to win their war.
    I am a consultant for human rights. We all as humans have the right to none discrimination as well as, the right to live. I stand with these human rights! This hold me to remain in opposition to this resolution! Thank you for your time.

  4. Mary Smith

    Hamas attacked innocent Israeli citizens
    DO NOT Support the aggressors Hamas!!
    Americans are being held hostage NOW!
    Why would we support our own Enemies?

  5. Mark and Diana Bless

    It is not City Council’s concern to get involved with international issues. It is your responsibility to be concerned about local issues such as the homeless, addiction, mental, crime, and other topics that reflect out community.

  6. Mark and Diana Bless

    I am for the ordinance(to stop violent panhandling and shopping cart usage). I stand with Chief Story (for real-time system).

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