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  • CALLS TO ACTION: Limit MLG’s Emergency Powers and Crime Bill

    Dear New Mexicans,We wanted to let you know about two more issues that may be of interest to you in current NM Legislative Session.   If these issues are important to […]

  • New Mexico Legislative Update #5

    New Mexico Legislative Update #5 Good Morning! Here’s the fifth legislative update from the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association. I will forward these updates as they become available. In two […]

  • Good News & Bad News…which do you want first?

    We are two weeks into the Legislative Session and several bills are moving through the process that would not help our state if passed. Here are a few: SB180: Election Law […]

  • BTNM: Urgent Update

    URGENT: Who can help write these CTAs? SB180 (Big Bad Election Bill) HB50, HB72, HB100, HB101 (Gun Control Bills need to be split up now) Current Calls to ActionSend again! […]

  • El Paso Pushing “Abortion Sanctuary” Again Tomorrow!

    URGENT: El Paso City Council Pushing Renewed “Abortion Sanctuary City” Resolution TOMORROW!!! 🚨 Juan,After just completing an amazing Southwest March for Life this past Saturday in Las Cruces, NM, it has just come to […]

  • SB 180 Zoom Meeting in 25 min

    URGENT CALL TO ACTIONSB 180 is a nightmare for honest elections and transparency in New Mexico. This bill permanently hides elections records from the public, forces all counties to use vulnerable […]

  • Two Anti-2A Bills to be Heard on Monday 1/30/23

    On Monday, January 30th, two gun control bills will be heard in separate committee meetings. First, HB9, the firearm owner liability and mandatory storage bill will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee starting […]

  • Resign ??

    From: Robert Wood <[email protected]>Subject: jan 17th council meetingDate: January 20, 2023 at 9:38:25 AM MSTTo: Ken Miyagishima <[email protected]>Cc: I Pili <[email protected]>Dear Mayor Miyagishima and City Manager Pili,I wanted you to be aware of my recent […]

  • ‘picked a fine time to walk by Lucero

    Subject: ‘picked a fine time to walk by Lucero 1/26/23 – Busy days  …..Yesterday I was almost run over by a car on lohman by campos;I had the walk light! The driver […]

  • Senate Bill 116

    Dear Senators,This is in regards to SB116 “An ACT relating to firearms; establishing a minimum age of twenty-one to purchase or possess an automatic firearm, semi automatic firearm or firearm […]

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