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  • think about it

    To save you from reading “The Diversity Delusion” this piece sums a lot of it up. However, as far as who educates our students racism has taken over merit especially […]

  • How Would Franz Kafka See This?

    How Would Franz Kafka See This? I do not understand why people are not making the connection. We scoffed, criticized, and condemned China’s one child policy but what are we […]

  • the unhoused

    Dear Mayors Homeless Task Force participants, Letter I sent to the Mayor, City Manager and all the Councilors: Dear ……….., Well, the Go Bond got passed and now millions are […]

  • Indoctrination

  • HELP PLEASE: Parents Rights Policy for Schools

    Dear New Mexicans,Will you please give a few minutes to email the Albq School Board in SUPPORT of the Parent Rights and Responsibilities policy KB1? This action needs to happen before the […]

  • On Affirmative Action (preferential treatment) in schools

    “Rather than trying to protect students from words and ideas that they will inevitably encounter, colleges (and now k-12) should do all they can to equip students to thrive in […]

  • Who Speaks for the Local GOP

    Walthttps://www.krwg.org/local-viewpoints/2022-11-07/who-speaks-for-the-local-republican-party First of all thank you for the positive comments regarding our mission.  And thanks for a welcoming environment during our visits with you and Peter. We are in no way […]

  • Equity???

    “The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines equity as “a situation in which everyone is treated equally”—precisely opposite to how it is used by the modern American university. There it is […]

  • Biden’s Latest Delusional Chock-Full-Of-Lies Speech needs a response

    Good Morning,I am sending this letter out to practically everyone on my email listing. Yet in doing so, I came across the names of a number of good people who […]

  • LCPS Schools and School Discipline importance

    To All,The system by which we educate is obsolete. It is still designed around teaching individual stand alone subjects in an industrial era format. The problem we face is a […]

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