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  • city council arrogance

    Dear Editor, I hope you were in attendance at yesterday (March 20) City Council meeting. The arrogance and disrespect shown by our City Councilors at yesterday’s meeting was appalling. A […]

  • Open letter to city council

    Ladies, there has been a lot of discussion about the issue of changing street names . One would think that this issue isn’t important enough to waste your time on. […]

  • The 2023 Session is Over- Gun Control

    At noon today, the 2023 New Mexico Legislative Session came to a close. Only one bill, HB9, passed. See below for more details on that bill. All the other anti-gun […]

  • AI and Education

    hanks for sharing your perspective. I actually found that being at a public school detracted from my ability to potentially learn about any of the trades I may have been […]

  • understanding the enemy

    One cannot win if they fail to understand the enemies tactics We keep wondering why we cannot rest control away from the overbearing controls of the Democrat Party. I feel […]

  • AI and education

    As we sit here waiting for public education to change the change is already happening outside that archaic entrenched system. How quickly can the public ed adapt to the technological […]

  • CCIA IN Rio Rancho

    I am Corrine Rios and I’d like to share with you a little bit about the reason for CCIA forming in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho area, our vision, our mission, and […]

  • Legal Weed Feeds the Teen Mental-Health Crisis

    The idea that marijuana isn’t addictive is out of date. And adolescents are at greater risk than adults. By Erica Komisar Twenty-one states have legalized recreational marijuana use since 2012, and […]

  • Res 23-103 video

    Ms Flores, having just viewed the YouTube video of the debate on this resolution, I am appalled by the arrogance with which the council members apparently believe that they have […]

  • KTAL Interview- Juan G


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