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  • Normalizing Drug Use (IN SCHOOLS)

    From: cciawinusa <[email protected]>Date: On Tuesday, June 6th, 2023 at 08:35Subject: Normalizing Drug Use (IN SCHOOLS)To: Robert Lozano <[email protected]>CC: Johana Bencomo <[email protected]>, Becky Corran <[email protected]>, [email protected] <[email protected]>, Kenneth Miyagishima <[email protected]>, Teresa […]

  • Last Minute News! RNC 2023 Candidate and Election Training

    Last Minute News! The RNC’s Drew Sexton who is our Regional Political Director will be at the RNC Community Center providing Candidate and Election Training on Saturday 2:00-5:00. Topics will […]

  • legal and illegal pot

    Take a look at the Montana Meth Project. It is tied in with other major organizations. Since let’s say a school would have to pay to use it in order […]

  • It All Boils Down to Education

    We think throwing money down the rathole of public education is a waste, so be the same for the unhoused debacle. By this front page article in todays WSJ (Saturday, […]

  • A warning

    Rick, Sara, Juan & Bev, Public schools are paid for out of property tax revenue. I hear a lot about the dual cost to families that have children if they […]

  • Another Shoot-’em-Up Weekend in Chicago

    From Todays WSJ Opinion Page Another Shoot-’em-Up Weekend in Chicago It was Memorial Day weekend as usual in Chicago, as its citizens celebrated by shooting at least 41 people, and […]

  • Keeping the Mentally Ill Out of Jail

    From the Magazine / Health Care Barbaric conditions in mental institutions were a common target of journalistic exposés during the asylum era of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. These days, though, most […]

  • AI and education

    AI has massive potential to dramatically impact children’s reading abilities, quantitative reasoning skills, understanding of history and the sciences, and more. But unless there’s a broader shift toward student-centered learning, […]

  • Police Oversight Board

    Ms. Flores, I was not able to attend the city council meeting last Monday, but want to weigh in on the subject of establishing a civilian police oversight board. I […]

  • Invite Mr Madrid

    Mr Madrid,  I am writing this as a follow up with my letter from a month ago. I am glad to hear that you are on the education committee. The […]

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